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Enabling MBILog messages causes compile errors
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Enabling MBILog messages in CMakeLists with set(MBILOG_ENABLE_DEBUG_MESSAGES TRUE) causes the build to fail due to code errors in some of the log messages.

Two examples:

  1. In Modules/QtPython/QmitkPythonVariableStackTableModel.cpp L115: MITK_DEBUG("QmitkPythonVariableStackTableModel") << "varName" << varName; should rather be MITK_DEBUG("QmitkPythonVariableStackTableModel") << "varName" << varName.toStdString(); since varName is a QString.
  2. In Modules/SceneSerializationBase/include/mitkVectorPropertySerializer.h L103: MITK_DEBUG << "Deserializing " << *listElement; does not work as listElement cannot be dereferenced. Instead, something like MITK_DEBUG << "Deserializing " << listElement->Name(); could be used.

There may be more examples like this as I am not compiling with all modules. Just thought I'd bring it up.

I'm on commit 9b321258b8729346ddae92d204f5325f25523277 and compiling with Apple clang version 13.0.0 (clang-1300.0.29.3) on OS X.

Thank you for the great software.