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Verboseness in MatchPoint Algorithm Control
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For data loading it would be nice to have more information on what data are required. If one presses the "Select moving point set" it just says 'No suitable data available in data storage' even though there are images in the "Data Manager". Of course it gets somehow clear that the kind of data is wrong and a point set is needed but for less experienced useres this might be unclear. Maybe add a hint to select a different algorithm and/or the required data type.

On the same notice it could make sense to change the order of selectable algorithms in the algorithm browser such that the first algorithm is an image based as sensible default.

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@holzwart Which version of MITK and which plugin do you use?

MITK v2022.10

It was during the MITK tutorial that we used the registration plugins. If I remember correctly, the "default" (first) algorithm in the Algorithm Browser is an ICP one and the algorithm control does not show data which is not a point set. However, it was not clear on first site why the data from the data manager is not displayed at all (wrong data type). Some verboseness would be helpful - kind of: "Why is the data I see in the data manager not selectable?"

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