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Add org.mitk.gui.qt.dicominspector to release
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I think that makes sense and would propose it. We should discuss it.

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floca created this task.
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It is a useful feature and should be part of the next release.
Open to dos:

  • Checklist
  • check dependencies of the view. If the view does not have more dependencies then our property inspector should be merged.

The dicom inspector has one additional dependency to module MITKDICOM. Therefore if we merge the inspector plugins also our normal inspector could only be build if DICOM module is activated. (Which it currently is per default).

For modularity it would make sense to keep them still seperated.
For usability it would make sense to merge them as we normaly only build with DICOM.

What should be do?

I think in doubt I would just move but not merge it for now. If we see that it is needed or wanted we can make the effort and merge it. It would be better than not offering this feature at all.