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Need to downsample time of flight distance images to test whether this speeds up the AICP
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An idea to speed up the anisotropic ICP alogirthm was to reduce the points of the time of flight distance image from which the surface is generated. To test this idea, a downsampling filter is needed. The user should be able to specify the dimensions of the image desired. This should be restricted to be smaller or equal to the input image,since the goal is to downsample, not upsample.

This filter could also be useful for other future applications involving ToF processing.

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[c47020]: Merge branch 'bug-9175-tofDownsamplingFilter'

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2011-08-25 15:14:53 Laura Bartha [ec1e90]
Ported downsampling filter to MITK from MBI and enhanced the corresponding test

[f4ffa2]: Merge branch 'bug-9175-tofDownsamplingFilter'

Merged commits:

2011-08-25 17:45:20 Laura Bartha [0d9bad]
COMP Fixed linux compiler issues.