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Nov 9 2017, 1:02 PM (67 w, 11 h)

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Fri, Feb 15

mindrocf updated subscribers of T23624: Connection to Epiphan frame grabber via OpenCV is buggy.

We digged into the Epiphan SDK and found the V2U_GrabFrame2 structure which is returned by the GrabFrame method. We will try to convert this structure to an mitk Image using also the ITKConvertIplImageBuffer logic. Afterwards, we will try to replace the OpenCV VideoCapture method by using the Epiphan SDK in MITK directly. @aguilera

Fri, Feb 15, 4:13 PM · IGT, Restricted Project, MITK

Mon, Feb 11

mindrocf added a member for OP 4.1: hempe.
Mon, Feb 11, 1:39 PM

May 11 2018

mindrocf added a comment to T24755: 2D Fast Marching Segmentation Tool doesn't work.

Tested on Windows 10 (11.05). Same Warnings: No implementation of action "PrimaryButtonPressed" has been found and No implementation of action "Release" has been found.

May 11 2018, 11:03 AM · MITK (2018-04)

Feb 2 2018

mindrocf triaged T24176: Point Set Interaction not working in 3d window (world point picking broken because depth buffer is empty) as Normal priority.
Feb 2 2018, 4:16 PM · MITK (2018-04)