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Image statistics bundle crashes...
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once uninitialized images are introduced. Solution for this issue is to assess the init status of the selected image and t odecline porcessing if it is uninitialized

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New remote branch pushed: bug-11601-ImageStaticBundleCrashesOnIntroducingUninitializedImages

[c167b9]: Merge branch 'bug-11601-ImageStaticBundleCrashesOnIntroducingUninitial

Merged commits:

2012-10-31 15:16:38 Justin Iszatt [847e59]
Solved the Bug and introduced a test for computing the statistic
on an unitilized image

reopen bug, because exceptionhandling should be implemented

[5b0ab7]: Merge branch 'bug-11601-ImageStaticBundleCrashesOnIntroducingUninitial

Merged commits:

2012-11-08 13:04:27 Moritz Petry [f6e160]
Exceptionhandling implemented. m_ErrorMessageLabel in QmitkStatisticsView shows
now ExceptionMessage.