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mitk.giu.qt.dicom storescp startup improvements
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By now the storescp is started using relative paths.
The upcoming solution uses cmake find_program to find the binary of the storescp and writes its path into a header.

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[756748]: Merge branch 'bug-12842-StorescpStartupImprovements'

Merged commits:

2012-08-21 13:40:42 Michael Bauer [da9fa6]
Connect new listener and storescp functionality in dicom editor

2012-08-21 13:40:00 Michael Bauer [78053f]
deleted output

2012-08-21 13:39:35 Michael Bauer [edfd5d]
Improved and extended directory listener.
Now it uses a hash table instead of a list.
Listener now reacts on nework errors.

2012-08-21 13:34:38 Michael Bauer [3053ab]
Calling mitk::ProgressBar causes crashes.
This could happen because mitk::ProgressBar isn't thread safe.

2012-08-16 16:57:42 Michael Bauer [2f6579]
process stdout from storescp

2012-08-16 16:55:08 Michael Bauer [8ff85e]
read stdout from storescp process

2012-08-09 17:46:33 Michael Bauer [973d2a]
the path to the storescp binary is now provided by a define in a header file generated by cmake

2012-08-09 17:10:09 Michael Bauer [a49031]
use cmake find_program for storescp

2012-08-08 12:05:51 Michael Bauer [d51f66]
another whay to find storescp binary on different plattforms