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Multible Progress Dialogs in mitk.gui.qt.din
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After the new ctk versin was applied mitk.gui.qt.dicom plugin runs multible progress dialogs on the same time.

Event Timeline

[ef67c6]: Merge branch 'bug-12966-multible-progress-dialogs'

Merged commits:

2012-08-31 17:25:55 Michael Bauer [8578a3]
Initialize render windows. Global reinit is no longer needed

2012-08-31 17:24:34 Michael Bauer [217716]
Added qt ressource for network error.

2012-08-31 17:11:15 Michael Bauer [836669]
Adjusted signals and slots. Changed logic because
it wasn't possible to get the currently imported files anymore.
The files won't be deleted during import anymore.

2012-08-31 17:08:42 Michael Bauer [12f1d2]
Putted progress and import dialog here.

2012-08-31 17:07:33 Michael Bauer [d953a8]
Removed progress dialog and adjusted signals and slots.

2012-08-31 17:05:55 Michael Bauer [fbd357]
Removed import and progress dialog from QmitkDicomExternalDataWidget and put it into QmitkDicomEditor.
Adjusted signals of the progress dialog.

2012-08-31 17:01:52 Michael Bauer [deea82]
changed error text from server crashed to server closed

Can we close this bug? You apparently made some commits.

We can close this one. The problem woun't appear any more while importing from hard disk. But if you retrieve over network, two progress dialogs will appear after another. One for transfer over network to file system, another for transfer from file system into dicom database. I cosider to do an implementation for mitkProgressBar wich allows cancelations and replace the current implementation.