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Fix handling of planar figures for usage in PV Analysis ( MITK Diffusion )
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The QmitkPartialVolumeAnalysis contains the three closed figures from the measurement view, and uses the same art to name the figure's node but with an own counter. This can lead to a situation with two distinct planar figure objects with the same name in DataManager.

Also using the PVAnalysis view and switching afterwards to measurement, the figure added will not be shown, since it gets assigned to the helper object created by the PVAnalysisView.

Event Timeline

[f7dc75]: Merge branch 'bug-13233-FixPlanarFigureHandlingForPV'

Merged commits:

2012-04-30 13:39:56 Jan Hering [a7450d]
Added prefix PV_ for planar figures

  • created by PartialVolumeAnalysisView to distinguish them from planar
  • figures created through the measurement toolbox

2012-09-25 14:14:13 Jan Hering [0b8edf]
Disabling helper nodes as parents for planar figures

2012-09-24 15:57:30 Caspar Goch [b27214]
Merge branch 'bug-13215-increment-mitk-diffusion-version-number' into releases/MITK-Diffusion_2012b