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Create new editor for visual verification of registration
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The general layout will consist of 3 2D-Windows placed in the order:



A - shows one slice of the fixed image in chosen plane
B - shows the same slice of the moving image
C - shows the result of MovingImage <OP> FixedImage with default <OP> set to subtraction

all windows allow the mouse-scroll interaction for traversing the slices.

The associated View provides the FixedImage and the MovingImage ( set through a drop-down box ), the operation used in the render window C and also the reconstruction plane ( axial, coronal, sagittal) which is shown in ALL windows.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-13440-New-registration-editor

New remote branch pushed: bug-13440-RegistrationViewEditor

What's the status of this bug? Is it ready to merge?

A better solution to this issue is provided by the MatchPoint-UIs which were recently merged into master ( T20000 )

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