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Transferfunction point loses focus
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To reproduce:

  1. Load data and activate volume visualization
  2. Create a transferfunction with three points (from left to right A,B,C)
  3. Select point B
  4. Change the Grayvalue of point B to be lower than the grayvalue of point A

-> point B will be moved to the left of point A, but the focus will have changed to point A

Event Timeline

User lichtenn has pushed new remote branch:


[8e2a46]: Merge branch 'bug-13969-Transferfunction-Point-Loses-Focus'

Merged commits:

2014-07-23 13:53:28 Nils Lichtenberg [311699]
QmitkTransferFunctionCanvas::AddFunctionPoint now returns an integer with the index of the newly set point. The return value is set as the index to focus.

2014-07-16 12:32:56 Nils Lichtenberg [59583e]
no point is selected at current status