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DICOM Import of invalid dataset leads to crash
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Loadings invalid dicoms with the diffusion dicom importer may lead to an crash. An example for a dataset that leads to a crash can be found at

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The Problem is located in QmitkDiffusionDicomImportView. The files are sorted by the tags (0x0020,0x0012); Acquisition ID and (0x0018,0x0024); Sequence Name.

In the given Dataset, both tags are missing in all files.

Decided for the simple solution:

  • catch the possible crash and output a warning ( like 'could not read data' )

New remote branch pushed: bug-14758-CrashOnDicomImport

[a87d19]: Merge branch 'bug-14758-CrashOnDicomImport'

Merged commits:

2013-03-25 11:31:32 Michael Goetz [d2812c]
Test if sorting tags appear, otherwise throw an error

Application won't crash any longer loading the invalid data. But data cannot be loaded. Needs further work.

Setting TargetMilestone to 2013-06 ( for all critical, major and some medium bugs).

Further investigation suggest that the data is invalid. Neither MRtrix nor Slicer could load the data. Since MITK won't crash any longer this bug will be closed.