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Tensor reconstruction with correction for negative eigvals has incorrect value scaling
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Somewhere in the processing a division by the b-value is missing.

Note: the b-value in S_k = S_0 * exp[ -b * g_T * D * g ]

When compared to the Weighted LS method, the tensor values differ by a factor of the b-value ( 1000 in my case ), example: D_eigval = 0.001706 , D_wls = 1.7180

This leads to problems when computing the residual of the tensor fit. Here the exponent argument for the modelled signal [ -b * g_T * D_estimated * g ] contains again the b value and hence moves the whole exp[...] to almost zero if the values of the estimated tensor D_estimated are not scaled correctly.

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It is because the original funtion was designed for different purpose.

New remote branch pushed: bug-14813-Tensor-reconstruction-eigenvalues-correction

[3dbd9d]: Merge branch 'bug-14813-Tensor-reconstruction-eigenvalues-correction'

Merged commits:

2013-05-08 16:54:09 Frank Binczyk [5fe9b6]
Fixed scalling b_values