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PointSet size is missleading
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The PointSet is using a std::map to save the points. But the developer can also access the number of saved points. So often something like

for (int i=0; i<pointSet->GetSize();++i)

// Do something with pointSet-GetPoint(i)


is done. This will lead to wrong results if a point has been deleted or the pointset has not initialized starting from zero. For example:

mitk::PointSet::Pointer pointSet = mitk::PointSet::New();
mitk::Point3D pointA, pointB, pointC;

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FileNames containing misuse cases.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-15264-PointSetMisuseCorrection

New remote branch pushed: bug-15264-PointSetMisuseProperInterfaceUse

New remote branch pushed: bug-15264-PointSetInterfaceChanges

bug-15264-PointSetMisuseCorrection and bug-15264-PointSetMisuseProperInterfaceUse are deprecated.

Two remarks below. Otherwise, this looks good to me.

  1. In mitkPointSet.h make GetMaxId() const
  1. Fix iterator increment logic in Plugins/org.mitk.gui.qt.examples/src/internal/simplemeasurement/QmitkSimpleMeasurement.cpp

User norajitr has pushed new remote branch:


Removing dependency from 16698, as that bug can be solved independently from the point set changes.

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