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Tensor reconstruction with negative eigen value correction works not as it should.
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Algorithm that should reconstruct a tensor with correction for negative eigen value works incorrectly in few places.

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[b1db9d]: Merge branch 'bug-15472-tensorCorrectionDebugBranch'

Merged commits:

2013-07-11 16:22:52 Franz Binczyk [0401a9]
removed useless bit

2013-07-11 16:20:52 Franz Binczyk [64d1c0]
intermediate commit

New remote branch pushed: bug-15472-tensorCorrectionDebugBranch

New remote branch pushed: bug-15472-tensorCorrectionMergeBranch

[2689b6]: Merge branch 'bug-15472-tensorCorrectionMergeBranch'

Merged commits:

2013-08-06 14:01:54 Thomas Van Bruggen [a68ef4]
Merge branch 'bug-15472-tensorCorrectionDebugBranch' into bug-15472-tensorCorrectionMergeBranch


2013-07-17 16:57:22 Franz Binczyk [a57e2b]
final fix

2013-07-12 15:20:50 Franz Binczyk [9f4ca2]
small fixes

2013-07-11 20:40:50 Franz Binczyk [1e1506]
COMP:Fix the dashboard

2013-07-11 20:36:09 Franz Binczyk [95521e]
CMP:Fix the dashboard

2013-07-11 19:40:38 Franz Binczyk [1ca75b]
removed useless bit