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Crash when starting QBI Estimation
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When starting QBI Estimation of a .dti file, MITK-DI crashes.
Console says:
"ERROR: ODF corrupted: GetPrincipleDiffusionDirection returned -1
Aborted (core dumped)"

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(In reply to Arthur Teimourian from comment #1)

Crash occurs when using IVIM data.

Can you specify which file you used? I can't reproduce the crash.

@Arthur: do you remember on which dataset this happend? The one that should be used for the IVIM Testing protocol?

It was a file package from Jan, which he distributed for the last MITK-Diffusion testing.

Could not be reproduced with testing data. Probably fixed by some other changes.
Feel free to re-open if the problem persits supplying data where it fails.

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