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CMake warning in segmentation module - Missing file
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!!!!! No such file: /Volumes/HD/workpspace/BS/bin/CMakeExternals/Source/MITK-Data/Sigmoid.nrrd !!!!!
!!!!! No such file: /Volumes/HD/workpspace/BS/bin/CMakeExternals/Source/MITK-Data/Sigmoid-2D-as-3D.nrrd !!!!!

These files don't exist. Just remove the corresponding two lines in Modules/Segmentation/Testing/files.cmake

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[a1306b]: Merge branch 'bug-17362-NoSuchFileSegmentationModule'

Merged commits:

2014-03-07 10:44:30 Stefan Kislinskiy [e4bd07]
Removed references to Sigmoid nrrd files from Segmentation testing.