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Add support for 3D renderWindow interaction to Interaction Testing Framework
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We first decided to leave this feature out of our implementation, since the renderWindow interaction is VTK based. But as long as only the world position is used in the event it should work. For setting points in 3D it actually works even with zooming and moving the 3D visualization.

I've provided a fix for this in personal/schroedt/interaction-in-3D.
An attribute for the mapperSlotID was added to the config of the interaction file and is loaded and set in mitkInteractionTestHelper.

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User schroedt has pushed new remote branch:


[21904d]: Merge branch 'bug-17375-3D-renderwindow-interaction-tests'

Merged commits:

2014-03-12 09:11:22 Tobias Schroeder [61b564]
Disconnect all observers.

2014-03-12 09:08:13 Tobias Schroeder [2fb344]
Merge branch 'personal/schroedt/interaction-in-3D' into bug-17375-3D-renderwindow-interaction-tests


2014-02-28 13:35:10 Tobias Schroeder [2ca056]
Fixed cmake warnings.

2014-02-28 12:06:09 Tobias Schroeder [15c740]
TODO check connection of 3D render-window with one of the 2D windows.

2014-02-28 09:23:04 Tobias Schroeder [0c923c]
Try to save and load 3D render window