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Crash in Region Growing Plug-in (Tutorial Step 9)
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Steps to reproduce:

  • load image
  • open Region Growing Plug-in
  • add one point
  • select image
  • click button "Do Something"

-> workbench crash

possibly related to vtkImageReslice.cxx

Event Timeline

After region growing calculation, the result gets lost after conversion to mitk image when leaving scope. This is due to the remote memory management of ImportItkImage. Using CastToMitkImage instead solves the issue.

User norajitr has pushed new remote branch:


[7a6829]: Merge branch 'bug-17901-CrashInRegionGrowingPlugin'

Merged commits:

2014-09-24 16:51:32 Tobias Norajitra [ca5c5b]
Replace ImportItkImage by CastToMitkImage to allow out-of-scope memory management.

Tobi, what is the status of this bug?
Is it fixed since there was already a merge?