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Use micro services for XNAT Sessions instead of the QmitkSessionManager
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To use the session in any Plugin, it should be done with micro services.

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User knorr has pushed new remote branch:


[31a913]: Merge branch 'bug-18051-UseMicroServicesForXnatSession'

Merged commits:

2014-09-25 16:03:29 Daniel Knorr [f787c1]
Updated XnatEditor for useing the micro service "xnat session".

2014-09-25 11:57:13 Daniel Knorr [dd56b8]
Little fixes to the validation.

2014-09-23 17:11:40 Daniel Knorr [4f5b47]
Changed Xnat Plugin for the xnat session as a micro service.
Some few changes to the xnat module.

2014-09-02 16:41:19 Daniel Knorr [74338b]
Added a new Module for XNAT.
Added a wrapper file for ctkXnatSession.h with micro service makro.
Added a Tracker for micro services.

User knorr has pushed new remote branch:


[ee5d96]: Merge branch 'bug-18051-XnatMergeFixes'

Merged commits:

2014-10-30 13:55:07 Daniel Knorr [f50dcd]
COMP: Fixed Module init