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LogoOverlay does not support external image files
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[6edf5c]: Merge branch 'bug-18215-addLoadImageSupportInLogoOverlay'

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2014-10-08 16:12:33 Christoph Kolb [092a75]
request Update when logo has changed

2014-10-08 15:51:46 Christoph Kolb [7a8aea]
add ability to load logos and reduce size

Disabling of Department logo currently not possible.

I think an update is missing after receiving a system preference "DepartmentLogo" which is empty. Then d->m_StdMultiWidget->DisableDepartmentLogo(); from QmitkStdMultiWidgetEditor is called but as no update is sent the previously set department logo remains in the corner. (release 2014.10.0)

Additionaly I am not sure if setting a different logo is working as a string property "Overlay.LogoImagePath" is fetched that has never been set.

sorry for spamming, I recall the latter comment, as StdMultiWidget::SetDepartmentLogoPath can be called. Misunderstanding is, that a system preference had to be set previously with a empty string to disable the logo without having access to the StdMultiWidget. Is there a new way to set preferences to deactivate the logo when not having access to the StdMultiWidget?

You are right, there was a missing update. in the case that no datanodes are in the datamanager, the overlays weren't updated. This has been fixed in T18536.
Thanks for the notice!