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"Data Selection" should be renamed to "segmentation selection" in Segmentation Ultilities
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In segmentation utilities plugin the label "Data selection" should be renamed to "segmentation selection", because you can only choose segmentations in the fields below. The label stands under "Boolean Operations".

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Additionally, information should be added which of the selections is used as foreground for the "Difference" operation. (e.g. A-B or B-A)

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The DataSelectionWidget ("Data Selection") is used for all utilities (not only for the boolean operations). Renaming the title would mean renaming all of them.
For differentiation of the two comboboxes two images were added and for each boolean operation button tool tips were added.

[0508c4]: Merge branch 'bug-18238-SegUtilsGuiLabels'

Merged commits:

2015-09-16 14:57:47 Michael Brehler [6c2da2]
added two images and tooltips for differentiation of segmentation comboboxes