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livewire continues interaction on wrong slices
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load image + create segmentation + start livewire

set some points in initial slice,
then scroll through image and randomly click (single!) on the slides,
no points will appear,

but if you go back to the slice where you started the segmentation,
the points are shown here,

so they are all set on the wrong slice.

Maybe disable interaction when scrolling ?

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This issue has been considered in a version before every tool was updated to the new interaction concept. As far as I remember any interaction at another slice than the one you started the live wire tool at was rejected.

User webechr has pushed new remote branch:


issue is solved by checking if a click is within the same plane geometry as the initial click.

[d0050f]: Merge branch 'bug-18339-checkPlane'

Merged commits:

2014-11-05 15:57:49 Christian Weber [5f7285]
check if a click is on the initial plane,
else reject this interaction.