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MITK crashes when loading .dcm files with insufficient properties.
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This was tested with a couple of single *.dcm files. The files can be properly loaded in an older MITK version.

The files seem not to provide all properties that are expected by the reader.

This is the console output after scanning a folder with DICOM Reader containing one of the images:

inserting filePath: "/home/lichtenn/P0035.dcm"
database filename for "1.2.840.113543." is empty - we should insert on top of it
This looks like a different patient from last insert: "53265583.8"
New patient inserted: 1
New patient inserted as : 1
Going to insert this instance with dbPatientID: 1
Need to insert new study: "1.2.840.113543."
Study Added
Statement: SELECT * FROM Series WHERE SeriesInstanceUID = ?
Need to insert new series: "1.2.840.113543."
Series Added
Maybe add Instance
Instance Added

The file is displayed in the "External Dicom Data" view.
When clicking the view button, the app crashes when trying to get the "dicom.patient.PatientsName" property in line #1566 of mitk::DicomSeriesReader.cpp