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Screenshot maker goes wild in 3D render window
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Load data into the workbench
  • Open the screenshot maker
  • Click on high resolution 3D screenshot and select directory
  • Accept and the 3D render window goes crazy.

After the screenshot is finished the camera position is like is was before

Event Timeline

Perform a render window update after the screenshot (high-res) was taken.

I think the "crazy-going" of the renderwindow is part of the procedure and not actually a bug.

In order to produce a high-res-screenshot, different parts of the scene need to be rendered one after the other with different camera positions.

Indeed, it looks strange but I don't see a way for hidding it (except of closing the render window?).

Indeed, an update of the render window is missing after clicking button "High-res Single Screenshot".

Like Stefan wrote in his comment: There is an rendering update missing after the screenshot has been taken. The scene is still displayed zoomed and the background color is still different. As simple click into the renderwindow invokes the update and sets everything like it was before the screenshot

When saving the 2D multiplanar renderwindows, the crosshair is rendered in white. I fixed it as well.

User engelhsa has pushed new remote branch:


[e42965]: Merge branch 'bug-18388-ScreenshotMakerFix'

Merged commits:

2014-11-05 16:29:48 Sandy Engelhardt [5f58c3]
Added missing render window update and fixed colors of crosshair