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Image Names still written in the measurement view after data node is deselected
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Load image
  • open Statistic View

-> Statistic is calculated, everything fine so far.

  • deselect image

-> Statistic vanish, fine.
-> The Feature Image has still the name of the image. This should be fixed

Event Timeline

User klemmm has pushed new remote branch:


[c814d3]: Merge branch 'bug-18440-ImageNameStillWrittenInTheMeasurementView'

Merged commits:

2014-11-19 18:12:03 Martin Klemm [ced2b1]
Reset the selected image label in the measurement view every time the selection is changed and no node is selected

2014-11-19 18:10:40 Martin Klemm [f7ec2a]
Resetting the selected feature image label and the selected mask label in the statistics view