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Rework Image Rendering Mode Property
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Currently, the user can select between four different modes in property "Image Rendering.Mode" provided by the enum:


I have different suggestions how to improve the current solution in the ImageVtkMapper2D and I would like to discuss it with you.

  1. By default, the property is set to "LevelWindow_LookupTable_Color", which is quite misleading.

Solution: Instead, a default option ("LevelWindow") could be introduced, which handles the default rendering without Lookuptable/Transferfunction.

  1. Furthermore, an MITK_Error is printed to the console when no individual Transferfunction was set, but the option ColorTransferFunction_Color or LevelWindow_ColorTransferFunction_Color was selected.

Solution 1: This could be changed to a warning (but it is printed in every rendering step which is unfavorable in my opinion!).
Solution 2: Provide a standard transfer function.

  1. However, the behaviour when selecting the Lookuptable-options is different, since no error/warning is printed to the console.

Solution 1: Print a warning.
Solution 2: Provide a standard lookuptable (rainbow)

  1. The relatively new property "Image Rendering.Transfer Function" must be set if one wants to render individual colors. I would rather suggest to use the existing property "TransferFunction".
  1. Provide a description for "Image Rendering.Mode" property which occurs in the property view, saying that the user needs to override either the property "LookupTable" or "Transferfunction" if one wants to render individual colors.

What is your opinion on that?

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