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Application crashes when loading 4D DICOM *.dcm data
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The application crashes when specific 4D data sets are loaded.

Steps to reproduce:
Open E130-Daten/3M3Demodaten/GeneralTestingData/US_TEE_Heart4D.dcm via the file open dialog.

Loading of these kind of data sets worked in the last release.
It generally works when uing the same kind of data but converted to *.nrrd, so it seems to be a bug in the DICOM loader.

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The crash originates from ITK:

The InternalReadImageInformation tries to correct wrong spacing informations coming from gdcm, however in cases the spacing is stored in some other tag than the expected (0x0028, 0x0030) the vector sp remains uninitialized and causes the crahs within:

itkGDCMImageIO.cxx, l. 480 spacing[0] = sp[0];

Filed an ITK bug ( )

Will fix it by extending the ITK.patch

User hering has pushed new remote branch:


Before merge, following files need to be deleted for proper patching:


[e3efee]: Merge branch 'bug-18887-CrashOn4D_US_Dicom'

Merged commits:

2015-04-01 16:48:29 Jan Hering [6d5840]
Fix error in itk::GDCMImageIO.cxx

  • add new patch hunk for GDCMImageIO which causes the crash

Fixed with a ITK Patch. This patching hunk can be removed as soon as the corresponding ITK bug is fixed.