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Python Plugin crash with Qt5 and BlueBerry.clean
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When building MitkPython with Qt5 and PythonQt3 MITK crashes when the Plugin is opened for the first time or every time the Workbench is started with BlueBerry clean. It seems that on the first start something need to be initialized. Afterwards everything is working fine.

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User heime has pushed new remote branch:


[a0a0f9]: Merge branch 'bug-19066-pythonInitialization'

Merged commits:

2015-09-23 16:09:05 Eric Heim [b538b9]
Fix blueberry clean python problems

The problem is that the python uservice is loaded 2 times during initialization
but is not destroyed properly in a destructor. This can be fixed by auto
loading the module.

[1056bf]: Merge branch 'bug-19066-pythonInitialization'

Merged commits:

2015-09-23 17:03:07 Eric Heim [0e2039]
COMP:Autoload can't work with tests

The Bug cant be fixed at the moment without loosing the python unit tests.When the module is set to auto load the unit tests can't be run anymore.

User heime has pushed new remote branch:


[af287f]: Merge branch 'bug-19066-refactorPythonModule'

Merged commits:

2015-10-21 15:23:42 Eric Heim [f3b149]
fixed dependencies and header path generation

2015-10-14 17:00:50 Eric Heim [2ddae9]
SimpleITK and VTK tests with micro services

2015-10-14 14:14:27 Eric Heim [126c4b]
Moved python test to cpp unit.

2015-10-07 17:06:47 Eric Heim [d882d6]
Refactored export macros. Tests need to be improved.

2015-10-07 16:02:00 Eric Heim [ba035b]
Split the python module in autoload and gui components

[4d544b]: Merge branch 'bug-19066-refactorPythonModule'

Merged commits:

2015-10-23 15:26:57 Eric Heim [ec5592]
COMP: Force module autoloading by linking workaround in the service interface to fix tests.