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IGT documentation Step 4
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As part of the Navigation documentation T19736, the documentation should be revised. Suggestion:

Revise the Qt Gui tutorial (see ...\Modules\IGT\Documentation\doxygen\IGTTutorialStep3.dox).


  • Extend the explanation. What will be done? Add screenshot. Rephrase "More information", cause this part contains the actual tutorial step.
  • rename "User manual"
  • be consistent with the example plugin name in the workbench, code and documentation. Decide for a name without the step number (this migth change) and don't call it module as it is a plugin
  • replace the icon with the current one
  • Maybe disable the possibility to change the tracking device during tracking (nothing is and should happen there)
  • ...

At the moment, the new structure is not included in the master, have a look at the branches of T19736.