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MITK crashes if you download dicom data from xnat
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In some cases MITK crashes when you try to download DICOM data from the XNAT plugin, this might be connected to T19794

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User gaehlert has pushed new remote branch:


[7eaaba]: Merge branch 'bug-19809-XNATDicomDownloadCrash'

Merged commits:

2016-07-13 15:11:50 Nils Gaehlert [32ce2d]
will fix the problem that the MITK Workbench will crash if there were some issues with writing permissions to the download folder.

The fix will furthermore

  • fix the problem that for DICOM series the download folder is not choosen properly.
  • will show the series name of the DICOM series instead of showing a space.
  • add an additional method to show a warning if there were access problems.