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NavigationDataLandmarkTransformFilter should calculate the FRE
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mitk::NavigationDataLandmarkTransformFilter caluclates a transform to map a set of source landmarks onto target landmarks. It provide a GetFRE() method, that calculates the FRE of the transform, maybe even a GetTRE(sourcepoint, targetpoint) method using the transform.

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Hannes volunteered for this feature request.

Was implemented. Following additional functions are now available for gathering registration errors:

ScalarType GetFRE() const;
ScalarType GetFREStdDev() const;
ScalarType GetRMSError() const;
ScalarType GetMinError() const;
ScalarType GetMaxError() const;
ScalarType GetAbsMaxError() const;

This was not tested yet...

I committed the changes from Hannes in revision #17726.

Lena, please review the code to make sure that all calculations are correct.