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2016.11 dependency problem, compilation with Visual Studio 2015
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I just tried to compile MITK tag v2016.11 on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015 in 64bits, using the official release of Qt 5.6.2, in Release and Debug. In Both cases I had to run the superbuild twice to obtain a full success.

During the configuration with cmake-gui (cmake version 3.7.2) I just added the path to Qt, the rest is default configuration.

Is there a known dependency problem between modules? Someone had the same problem?

Thank you

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Thanks for reporting. Which part of the superbuild failed in the first run and what was the error message?

I have run again two fresh superbuild compilations tonight and now there is no problem anymore. Success on first build on both!

I did not save outputs of my first attempts, as far as I remember errors was always something like "*something*Config.cmake not found", so I suppose it was a temporary problem with the download of some dependencies (or with my PC).

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Yeah, probably a failed download or something similar. Thanks for double-checking!