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Bug on 2D interpolation in Segmentatoin plugin
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Look at the image below. Take any image, draw some blobs in axial, create a hole at least 3 voxels deep. Yes, it must be like in the image. I agree that this is not a super nice mask but a user could accidently create this... mine did ^^

Bug.png (757×386 px, 50 KB)

Activate 2D interpolation, then either:

  • Move in the axial axis, you will see message like the one below, repeated each time you move until you reach another blob. There's no more mapper update when this happens.
72.30 core.mod.core.eventstatemachine ERROR: Unhandled excaption caught in ExecuteAction(): C:\Imeka\MITK\build2016.11\ep\src\ITK\Modules\Core\Common\src\itkMultiThreader.cxx:413:
itk::ERROR: MultiThreader(000001B9DBB880A0): Exception occurred during SingleMethodExecute
  • "Confirm for all slices" - Axial. It will ~crash with a messagebox saying An error occurend during interpolation. Possible cause: Not enough memory!

This message is a lie! I searched and finally found that it's caused by this line in itk IsoContourDistanceImageFilter::ComputeValue when you use it in ShapeBasedInterpolationAlgorithm::ComputeDistanceMap

itkExceptionMacro(<< "Gradient norm is lower than pixel precision");

Maybe this should be a bug report to vtk? If not, applying a morphological close to the current slice can fix this but it might not be what the user wants. Maybe there's a more light-weight way.

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