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Workbench doesn't start on 32 bit build with IGT Polhemus
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ctk dlls are missing on 32 bit. Maybe due to missing batch files?

Error happens on igt stable branch T22595-NavigationModules-2016.11.3-igt.
Not tested, if it also happens on master.

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Creation of batch file to start MITK.sln with all required paths (copied&edited from \MITK-build\bin\startMitkWorkbench_release.bat) solves the issue. Should be automatically included like on 32 bit.

If you take a look at rMITK543b4afe7f13: Use VisualStudio user files to automatically configure debug/release you can see that I indeed only added it to the for 64 bit.

wildes claimed this task.

Changed on IGT stable branch, will be integrated in mitk master when igt stable branch is merged.