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Automatically configure visual studio project to contain correct debug/release path
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Currently we are generating a start batch file that configures Visual Studio depending on whether Release or Debug is build.

Florian was so kind as to contribute the attached patch which they use to automatically configure Visual Studio accordingly.

We should adapt our build system as to no longer need the batch files. We might still consider keeping them, but the configured project would be much more convenient.

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[23ffc8]: Merge branch 'bug-19719-use-cmake-to-configure-vs-user-file'

Merged commits:

2016-05-18 17:37:32 Caspar Goch [543b4a]
Use VisualStudio user files to automatically configure debug/release

This commit is based on the contribution kindly provided by Florian Jung.
Configure a .vcxproj.user file for each executable either created via the
mitkMacroCreateExecutable or by mitkFunctionCreateBlueBerryApplication.
Additionally a new cmake function is provided to do the configuration
Batch files are still generated for debugging purposes and for directly
runnning the executables without using visual studio.

[af6f2a]: Merge branch 'bug-19719-use-cmake-to-configure-vs-user-file'

Merged commits:

2016-05-18 19:07:41 Caspar Goch [1b72f9]
Provide cmake functions for derived projects as well