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Support of tracked Ultrasound
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Implementation of tracked ultrasound support concerning:

  1. tracked ultrsound setup (sensor attached to US probe)
  2. combined modality setup where the tracker is attached to the US probe

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mittmann triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Feb 19 2018, 1:57 PM
mittmann created this task.
mittmann claimed this task.Feb 20 2018, 9:58 AM
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@seitela and @franza : Reading from xml file should work now (works with the 3 commits from 25.03|28.03|06.04). I haven't had the time for an exhaustive bug-testing of the new functionality. Whenever you find bugs, just let me know. As i mentioned in the last commit: It seems that the used QFileDialog for grapping the needed XML file disturbs the persistence functionality for the configured ultrasound devices. Without QFileDialog everything works fine and the USDevices are stored and restored correctly. But, whenever using the QFileDialog for choosing the stored USVideoDevice xml configuration file, the created USVideoDevice isn't stored/restored by the ultrasound persistence.

Next step I will work on: writing the device configuration into a xml file. This will be much easier and faster now having the whole class structure and the restructured GUI already.

Just tested the the EchoTrack functionality (only with webcam and VirtualTracker) which worked fine. Testing with the real EchoTrack setup still has to be performed.

If we want to have the implemented changes inside the upcoming MITK release, I would suggest merging this in the actual alpha release branch ( which contains many important fixes to the US module (chrashes, correct microservice handling, debug leaks, new dark theme). The testing should also be performed on this version to avoid finding and solving problems that have already been fixed. Branching off the alpha release branch and merging the changes currently available here into that integration branch might be a viable option.

Maybe you can comment how much work still is to be done before the changes for TrackedUltrasound are ready for release? The functionality definitely is very helpful for all ultrasound related applications and would be great to have in the upcoming release.

franza updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 8 2019, 12:14 PM

This branch was merged into the master recently. @mittmann Can we close the bug?