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Ultrasound Calibration with PLUS is not working
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At the moment there are problems to calibrate with PLUS, especially in communication from PLUS to MITK:

  • The communication from MITK to fcal is working.
  • You are able to finish the calibration in fcal.
  • After closing fcal and starting the PLUS Server, there are warnings in the PLUS console
  • After starting streaming in MITK and clicking "Get Calibration from PLUS" the console of MITK is full of warnings, that the message could not be received.
  • MITK Workbench crashes.

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After further trials, I also figured out, that there are problems in establishing a connection from MITK to PLUS:

  • After created the combined modality in the IGT Echotrack Calibration
  • Click "Start Calibration for selected Device"
  • Select in "Spatial Calibration" the tab "PLUS Connection"
  • Click "Setup PLUS Connection"
  • Change to fcal, load config-File and click "Connect"
  • Change to MITK, click "Start Streaming" --> MITK crashes in Release Mode --> No Crash , but tools are not available in fcal, in Debug Mode

To perform a calibration despite these connection problems, a converter method was implemented as an alternative solution. After finishing the calibration in fcal, this method allows to load the xml-File from PLUS and to save the calibration in a *.cal-file ( see T23587).

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