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mitkFunctionGetLibrarySearchPaths is not aware of extensions
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Currently the MITK_RUNTIME_PATH variable (that is used to indicate the search paths for shared libraries (on windows only?) is compiled by ignoring extension pathes.

The logic to compile MITK_RUNTIME_PATH is encoded in mitkFunctionGetLibrarySearchPaths.cmake. Here any known EP gets his/her handcrafted treat. EPs from extensions are completly ignored.

Therefore extensions are not able to influence MITK_RUNTIME_PATH. This is e.g. a problem where an EP of an extension is generated externaly and therfore its libs are not in the default ep/libs folder.


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floca created this task.Jun 26 2018, 5:09 PM

Discussed it. For now we will implement an simple solution (simelar to the legacy modulconf pattern) to add additional path from the eps cmakeexternals script.

floca claimed this task.Thu, Oct 18, 5:10 PM
floca added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Thu, Oct 18, 5:23 PM