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Image navigator slicing
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I have an image with a "complex" affine transformation:

Dimensions: 256 152 256 
 -0.884736 -0.111873 -0.119705 
  0.152433 -0.786983 -0.532942 
 -0.0345842 -0.606747 0.713325 
Offset: [141.941, 144.184, -51.4434]

The image navigator does its slicing like that:

Axial     1969 / 3989
Sagittal   123 / 245
Coronal    126 / 252

Scrolling in the axial view becomes kind of useless with 4000 slices. The image does change when I scroll so it's theorically usable, but the user simply abandons and suddenly uses the Image Navigator plugin to scroll.

Do you think there should be a limit to the number of slices? There are 256 actual slices in this image, I doubt anyone would want more than, hum, the double, or something :) What's your opinion on this?

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