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Clean up remove deprecated dicom properties
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mitk::DICOMImageBlockDescriptor::DescribeImageWithProperties and DicomSeriesReader::CopyMetaDataToImageProperties generate several properties to store information of

  • dicom tags
  • dicom loading process

The list of properties and there naming originiate from different sources (e.g. old legacy DicomSeriesReader, newer implementations etc.). We should clean up (remove deprecated properties) and/or refactor this (use new naming schemes for DICOM information).

Rename/refactor to new naming style (DICOM.xxxx.xxxx) and property data type:

  • "dicom.image.0020.1041"
  • "dicom.image.0020.0013"
  • "dicom.image.0008.0018"

This might be candidates to be completly dropped (but should be checked first); because theses DICOM information are stored under new correct naming anyway:

  • "modality"
  • "dicom.pixel.PhotometricInterpretation"
  • "dicom.image.imagetype"
  • ""
  • "dicom.series.SeriesDescription"
  • "dicom.pixel.Rows"
  • "dicom.pixel.Columns"

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kislinsk triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Nov 22 2018, 2:16 PM