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[MITK Diffusion] Fix tract envelope as DICOM seg
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neher triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 6 2018, 8:17 AM
neher created this task.

Croshes on savin multi-label image as DICOM Seg.

Test data: Fibers & DICOM T1 image.

Create multi-label:

  1. Open "Fiber quantification view"
  2. Select Fibers and DICOM T1 data nodes in input data checkboxes.
  3. Slect "Binary Envelope" in "Fiber-derived images" box
  4. Click "Generate Image" to create multi label segmentation
  5. Save segmentation as DICOM Seg --> crash

Location in code:$376

The crash is caused by the duplicate creation of the layers:


The first initialization could be removed.

To get the referenced DICOM tag information (source image) xou have to add:
DICOMQIPropertyHandler::DeriveDICOMSourceProperties(m_SelectedImage, multilabelImage);