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Remaining Todos for MITK v2018.04
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  • Clear backlog
  • Decide on feedback tasks
  • Check Github pull requests
  • Freeze beta branch (See also point 5 in ChecklisteReleaseManager)
    • Write Herald rule to freeze branch (H12)
    • Create releases/2018-04 branch
    • Merge into master
    • Set version information in beta and master branch (see T25186)
    • Create v2018.04 tag
    • Build installers
    • Final test of installers (\\ad\fs\E130-Daten\Release\Installer\MITK-2018.04)
    • Generate doxygen documentation
  • Write migration guide (see T24552)
  • Document the MITK extension dir feature
    • Update the MITK-ProjectTemplate repo
  • Write release notes (see T24333)
    • Assemble list of contributors
  • Publish releae on "old" homepage
  • Update Wikipedia page
  • Close down our sourceforge site @nolden
  • Clean up old git branches and mirror everything to Github?
New homepage separated from v2018.04 release
[] MITK homepage (see T25184)
  [] Transfer old MITK homepage to `mitk-web` server and make it browsable
  [] Transfer old documentation to `mitk-web`
  [] Adapt docu dartclient
  [] Upload new doxygen documentation
  [] Finish layouts of new MITK homepage
  [] Write content for features / feature sets
  [] Process release notes into download layout
  [] Copy installers to homepage
  [] Generate production version of new homepage and copy to `mitk-web`
    [] Should work automatically with Git hooks later
  [] Officially move from Hetzner to DKFZ and make `mitk-web` reachable from public
    [] Ensure that paper site URls still work and are redirected accordingly

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The "Write ...." todos are perfect candidates for off-side parallel tasks for "everyone" to grab.

Known Issues:
Under Linux after compiling i have to start the program twice, the first time with --BlueBerry.clean. I use this script to compile and start it faster:

cd /opt/builds/MITK-superbuild/MITK-build
make -j16
/opt/builds/MITK-superbuild/MITK-build/bin/MitkWorkbench --BlueBerry.clean

The tutorial ("Welcome screen") has light theme and the old icons. This might be quite confusing for new users.