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Edit tool tip function in IGT Tracking doesn't apply the correction
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In IGT Tracking Tool Box , add a new virtual tool. Then go to IGT Navigation Data Manager. Select the tool storage displayed and select the tool added. Click edit tool. This opens a pop up window to edit position and rotation values. Changing these values and click UseManipulatedtootip should be applied to the tracking tool. Currently this change doesn't reflect on the tool visualization.

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sridhara created this task.

Compared ManualEditToolTip functions of IGTNavigationToolManager and IGTNavigationToolCalibration plugin which works correctly. In former, the storage is disconnected before editing the tool and when a new tracking connection is made the edited tool tip and orientation is lost. But in calibration plugin the editing of tool is done while tracking device is connected, so the information is preserved.
@eisenman @franza Can we remove the condition that the tracker has to disconnected before editing the tool or is there another work around for this.

@eisenman @seitela Fixed this bug. Can i go ahead and merge it?

Looks like one solution to the problem. For the other tracking devices, however it seems to be solved by adding the line

thisDevice->GetTool(i)->SetToolTipPosition(thisNavigationTool->GetToolTipPosition(), thisNavigationTool->GetToolAxisOrientation());

to the respective TypeInformation class. Probably it would be good to stay consistent?