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QmitkStdMultiWidget render window names messed up
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Names once were stdmulti.widget[1-4]. Now they are .widget[0-3].

I'll fix this so that the names are stdmulti.widget[0-3] as it seems to be intended by the code I found. However, this is a major incompatibility to previous versions, in particular code that used stdmulti.widget4 to address the 3d window. Most uses of stdmulti.widget[1-2] is interchangeable like "give me a 2d render window, I don't care which one", which is probably why this wasn't discovered earlier.

Color preferences for render windows should work again after the fix. Preferences are incompatible to old preference files, though.

Migration: stdmulti.widget<n> stdmulti.widget<n-1>.