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Deprecate and correct QmitkSliceWidget?
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QmitkSliceWidget (in MitkQtWidgetExt) is not correct implemented to generate the world TimeGeometry (as it simply uses a Propertional time geometry.

In our code base it is just used for the demo step 4 to step 7. Either we should correct it or we should deprecate and remove it.

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floca created this task.Fri, Jun 19, 12:33 PM
floca removed a project: MITK (2020).EditedFri, Jul 3, 11:10 AM
floca added a subscriber: nolden.

@nolden: Do you have a clue? Was it missed when cleaning up or is it there on purpose and should be corrected?

floca triaged this task as Low priority.Fri, Jul 3, 11:12 AM