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[Mapper] Levelwindow overwrites vtkLookUpTable Range with levelwindow range
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When setting a custom vtkLookUpTable (i.e. for using a colormap), the mitkImageVtkMapper2D automatically overwrites the range of the lookuptable.

Possible fix: Check if there is a property for vtkLookUpTable. If yes, do not modify the range of the lookuptable.

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thomass created this task.

apparently a vtkLoopUpTable is set automatically so the property as such cannot be used to handle custom vtkLookUpTables

Workaround would be to have another property "customvtklookuptable" or likewise. On the other hand the question arises if it is the best solution to change the range

thomass added a subscriber: kislinsk.

Could be solved by @kislinsk suggestion to change rendering mode to LOOKUPTABLE_COLOR to not envoke the levelwindow to overwrite the range