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CorrectorTool does not properly handle unlocked lables of LabelSet Images
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How to reproduce:

  • Load an image (e.g. pic3D)
  • Start a ML segmentation
  • Mask a label A and segment some parts of the images (e.g. with Add tool)
  • Unlock label A
  • Make a label B and segment some parts of the images (e.g. with Add tool)
  • Use CorrectorTool to add additional label B areas. Draw the correct contour in such a way that it partially overlaps with label A.
  • Result: The complete area of label A is now also label B. Expected: Only parts of A that are covered by the correction contour should be changed.

Reason: I assume that the CorrectorFilter2D does not work properly and generates a correction result that is also completly includes label A as soon as it is touched. Then the when the result is transfered into the workingslice by WritePreviewOnWorkingImage() it correctly overwrites everything because A is not locked.

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floca triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 5 2021, 4:41 PM
floca created this task.

We should discuss if we should not deprecate the old CorrectorTool completly because of several issues and because it adds only very small value to using add/substract with hotkeys directly.

kislinsk claimed this task.
kislinsk added a subscriber: kislinsk.

The tool was already removed from the last release because people tend to use the Add/Subtract tool for the same tasks anyway and we could reduce code/complexity.