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Picking Tool shows peculiar behaviour in relabel mode for dynamic Segmentations.
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  1. Load a 4d image. I used 3d+t-Heart/001.
  2. In the segmentation view, create a new dynamic segmentation. By default layer 0 should have one label. Add 2 more labels so that layer 0 has a total of 3 labels.
  3. With the add tool, create blobs for each of the labels, in each of the timesteps.
  4. Activate the picking tool at t=2. Select the "Relabel mode".
  5. Shift + Click on blobs of different labels to pick them. Click confirm segmentation. The picking tool should work as expected and the selected labels are added to the active label.
  6. Shift to t=1. Repeat the same picking procedure as the previous step. The segmentation masks from the previous step are selected. Once the blobs are selected clicking "Confirm Segmentation", causes the blobs from the previous time step to be picked and merged.

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