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Image Rendering - No difference between "Jet" and "Jet Transparent"
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From Image Rendering Checklist by Lucas Kulle
OS: OSX Monterey 12.6 M1Pro

Checklist item
When testing for colormap Jet Transparent
Observed Result
No difference between “Jet” and “Jet Transparent”.

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floca added a subscriber: floca.

Please double check, if there is realy an error with Jet Transparent (or with the checklist). And on which systems.

floca triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 13 2022, 9:57 AM

We should double-check if there's really a bug as there's a good chance that it was just misunderstood how it works. Everything that's not covered by the level window is supposed to be transparent. We should probably improve the checklist to be more clear.

From testing, it seems to work correctly in one direction. Everything below the level window is transparent (i.e. black) while everything above the level window is dark red, as the maximum end of the colormap. If this is the desired behavior, it works for me. If we want the upper part to also be transparent, then it is not quite right yet.

So far only the minimum was implemented as transparent. So I would not change anything right now.
And before changing it in one color palet, I would tend to think of making it a general feature of the LookupTable class, to say that its visualization is clamp (thus everything outside the lut window gets transparent. (but that would be a new feature request/idea).

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